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Graphic Design, Web Development
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I work­ed as the Cre­ative Lead for Biotec Pharmacon between the years of 2016–2018. Previously I'd been working for one of their subsidiaries — ArcticZymes — as their in-house designer and developer. Biotec Pharmacon was pleased with the work I had done for ArcticZymes, that they wanted to replicate it across all of their subsidiaries and asked me to lead creative.

I was tasked to man­age, coor­di­nate and work on all print and dig­i­tal projects. This involved a wide array of tasks such as: web design & development, booth design, magazine advertisments, annual reports, rollup/banner design, promotional material, packaging design, photography, illustration and logo design.

Brand Guidelines for Biotec Pharmacon
Biotec Pharmacon logo treatment
Biotec Pharmacon style guide

A touch of style

After wear­ing the same style for over 15 years it was time for a change. My first task was to revamp their style guide and cre­ate a more mod­ern look for the com­pa­ny. Bold colours, a typo­graph­ic refresh and guid­ance about imagery was a must.

Annual Report cover
Annual Report cover closeup
Biotec Pharmacon website on mobile device

Cutting edge technology

Re-designing and re-developing a website with over 10 years worth of content is no small feat. With this website re-build I took extra care to sit down with the various stakeholders and ask them what they deemed important content. Once a consensus was agreed, I went about planning the sitemap and content structure before a single mock-up was developed or line of code written.

Biotec Pharmacon website on tablet
Biotec Pharmacon website on laptop
Biotec Pharmacon website browser shots

The perfect fit

Woulgan is a part of the Biotec Pharmacon family and when it came to developing the website, I paid special attention to its responsiveness. With the type of product Woulgan is, we could potentially have nurses looking up product guidance from the ward floor, GP’s reading product information from their office, or even an elderly person purchasing the product on their device.

Woulgan website on mobile device
Woulgan website displayed on a tablet
Woulgan website browser shots
M-Gard website on mobile device

Superb Norwegian quality

M-Gard, a subsidary of Biotec Pharmacon, required a site that stood out from the competition. Being a relative newcomer to the market, the website had to be smart, fast and responsive—there was a very good chance they would be showing it off at conventions on patchy wifi. I was responsible for the design and development of the site.

M-Gard website browser shots
M-Gard website browser shots

With a touch of fun

I also had plenty of fun along the way and got to scratch my illustrator itch. Like putting together the company t-shirt for when one of their products, Woulgan Biogel, obtained its CE mark and we all went to Svalbard to celebrate. Or sketching, illustrating, coordinating and overseeing the creation of the Woulgan mascot, that was then used at events to promote Woulgan.

Biotec t-shirt for company event in Svalbard
Biotec Pharmacon t-shirt illustration closeup
Biotec Pharmacon t-shirt illustration closeup
Woulgan mascot from first sketches to final costume