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An Arctic Fox

An Ode to the Arctic




Northern Norway



This is a col­lec­tion of pho­tographs rang­ing from 2010–2019, all shot in North­ern Nor­way. A great deal of these were shot while explor­ing the land­scape, either by cross-country skis, split­board, bicy­cle or foot. It's a love letter for a place I long to return.

Breathe in deep,
fill your lungs,
feel the wind
bite and swirl.

Dry your eyes,
these mountains will outlive you,
clear your throat,
these waters run deep from within.

Steady your hands,
by the empty,

Grit your cold
focus and compose,

Breathe out,

Ship wrecked in Lyngen

Coast is clear

A bit of a misnomer when it comes to the coastline of Norway. All sorts of garbage gets washed up from ships operating just off shore. Sometimes the ship itself.

Shipwrecked, Lygen, Norway
Watching the weather come in - Lyngen, Norway
Vengsoya, Troms, Norway
Northern Lights over Tromsø, Norway
Northern Lights over Kattfjordvatnet, Troms, Norway

Celestial bodies

Aurora Borealis, Nordlys, Northern Lights, The Tricky Lady, whatever you want to call them, they are the most beautiful light show on earth. Tromsø just happens to lay under the auroral oval, making it a prime spot for capturing these celestial bodies.

Northern Lights over Kattfjordvatnet, Troms, Norway
Northern Lights over Nordtinden, Troms, Norway
Northern Lights over Nordtinden, Troms, Norway
Northern Lights, Kattfjordvatnet, Tromsø, Norway

The thaw, the hunt

As the winter subsides and life comes back to the Arctic, so does the wildlife. Animals from all over the world journey north to bask in the day round sunlight and feasting.

Arctic Fox, Senja, Norway
Ravens hunting, Stave, Andøya, Norway
Swans basking in the midnight sun, Bleik, Andøya, Norway


The never-ending days of summer are a photographers dream. From mid May through to the end of July, the sun never goes below the horizon.

Grotfjord, Troms, Norway
Ramfjord, Troms, Norway
Shark Fin Island, Andøya, Norway
Gamvik, Soroya, Norway
Gryllefjord, Senja, Norway
Breidtinden, Senja, Norway

Win­ter clos­es in

Cold winds from the north start to blow, bring­ing promise of snow and ice. Tem­per­a­tures drop, wildlife begins to migrate, sum­mer is over all too soon.

Matinden, Andoya, Norway
Kvalsvika, Lofoten, Norway
The Glow of Tromsø, Norway
Floya, Tromsø, Norway
Sea mist rolling over Ullstinden, Troms, Norway
Clear break during a snow storm in Ersfjord, Tromsø, Norway
Tromsdalen, Tromsø, Norway